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Dibyabhumi has formed a students’ body called College Students’ Council (CSC). The executive members of CSC are elected and nominated by the College Management Team. The objective of the formation this body is to develop leadership and managerial skills in the students and make them responsible citizens. CSC is responsible to organize all the extracurricular activities, monthly and weekly programs for the overall development of the students’ personality. Similarly this body helps bridge the gap between the students and college management, and thereby creates a conductive environment for the highest standard of education.

Executive Committee of College Student’s Council

S.N. Student’s Name Position
1.  Ms. Nimlekee Sherpa President
2.  Mr. Sujan Shrestha Vice President
3.  Mr. Sushan Gurung Secretary
4.  Miss Surabhi Rajupadhyaya Treasurer
5  Miss Aastha Khadka Member


Other Leadership Positions:

S.N. Student’s Name Position
1. Mr. Sandeep Shahi Program Coordinator
2. Ms. Pooja Devkota Media Coordinator