Creating Digital and Global Citizens

Message from the Principal


Welcome to Dibyabhumi Multiple College, member of United Nation Academic Impact (UNAI), that is not only different from the others but is also unique-it provides the second to none quality education and sets the benchmark for all other colleges to follow.

What does Dibyabhumi Do? Very Simple- Dibyabhumi equips its students with broader knowledge and perspectives on the contemporary world and helps develop critical, analytical and problem solving skills. We allow you to think globally, act rationally and do things beyond conventions. We do not believe in teaching bookish knowledge but in delivering academic excellence and real life knowledge & thereby produce & develop the best of professional and personal skills so as to turn you into a successful person both in life and career.

Dibyabhumians are not limited in the class room studies and lectures but they go much beyond, and believe in learning by doing. They are exposed to the real life setting. They interact with the experts, visit libraries, and involve themselves in the field, and collect their own first hand experiences. This sort of study prepares them to become super performers in their life and career.

We believe in the fact that everybody is somebody. Every person in the world is unique and has some potential hidden within. We work on every individual and help him/her explore and expose the potential, and then utilize it for his personal and social benefit. Thus we focus on individual care and attempt to explore all the potentials and turn them into excellence.

Join DMC, and explore your potentials to be a global leader.

Ishab Raj 
Dibyabhumi Multiple College
(Affiliated to Tribhuvan University)