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Bachelor’s Degree_ Fee Structure:

Year Admission Annual Tuition Utilities Total
1st Rs. 25000 Rs. 25000 Rs. 25000 Rs. 10000 Rs. 85000
2nd Rs. 25000 Rs. 25000 Rs. 35000 Rs. 85000
3rd Rs. 25000 Rs. 25000 Rs. 35000 Rs. 85000
4th Rs. 25000 Rs. 25000 Rs. 35000 Rs. 85000
Total Rs. 25000 Rs. 100000 Rs. 100000 Rs. 115000 Rs. 340000

The Fee can be paid on any installment plan as per the comforts. Students can pay the fee in two installments every 6 month.

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TU Examination Fee:
Students are required to pay examination fee to the University every year. The examination fee is not included in any of the headings above and is payable at the time of examination form submission.

Full and partial scholarships are available. Many Scholarships and college financial aid awards are “need based”, given to students whose financial situation requires additional support.

All total tuition fee of BCA (Bachelor in Computer Application) is NRs. 350000 (Three Lakhs Fifty Thousands Only).

All total tuition Fee of MTHS (Master in Tourism & Hospitality Studies) is Nrs. 230,000 (Two Lakhs Thirty Thousands Only). Security deposit i.e. Nrs. 5000 is refundable. 

Bank Details Information:

Account Name: Dibyabhumi Multiple College
Account Number: K201010000085
Account Type: Current Account
Bank Name: Global IME Bank Ltd.
Branch: Kupondole, Lalitpur, Nepal