Creating Digital and Global Citizens


We enjoy a very excellent teaching faculty appointed after thorough examination of their academic credentials, experiences and professional ability. The faculty members are the reputed professors, lecturers, mentors, counselors etc. The students are taught by these highly qualified and experience teachers. The dedicated and friendly professionals are always ready to meet with the needs of the students.

Our strength is the visiting faculty as well; the professors from the reputed universities around the world are invited to train the students & teachers as well in their respective subjects.

Similarly the experts from different arena such as social entrepreneurs, bankers, industrialists, diplomats, lawyers, government officers, actors etc are invited to share their expertise, experiences, and success stories with our students.


Department of Social Work

S.N. Name Position Qualification
1 Piyush Shrestha Senior Lecturer MSW, PhD Scholar
2 Dr. Chandra Bahadur Katwal Senior Lecturer PhD
3 Biraj Shrestha Lecturer MA, MPhil
4 Basanta Dhungana Lecturer MSW
5 Sunil Rawal Lecturer M.A. (Sociology), PhD Scholar
6 Kripa Shrestha Lecturer Master in RRDP, Thailand
7 Ashmita Pandit Lecturer MSW
8 Sapana Subba Lecturer MSW
9 Amit Raj Shrestha Lecturer MDS
10 Sangita Timilsina Field Coordinator BSW, MPA
11 Prof. Dr. Ghanashyam Bhattarai Visiting Professor PhD
12 Prof. Dr. Hanspeter Hongler Visiting Professor PhD
13 Prof. Dr. Shukra Raj Adhikari Visiting Professor PhD
14 Prof. Dr. Tika Ram Gautam Visiting Professor PhD

Department of Psychology

S.N. Name Position Qualification
1 Muna Lama Lecturer M.A. (Psychology)
2 Rajeev Dhoj Karki Teaching Assistant M.A. (Psychology)
3 Shrijana Bhandari Lecturer M.A. (Clinical Psychology)
4 Deepti Singh Teaching Assistant M.A. (Psychology)
5 Archana Shrestha Teaching Assistant MN, M.A. (Psychology)
6 Prof. Dr. Ram Chandra Aryal Visiting Professor PhD
7 Asst. Prof. Dr. Pradip Manandhar Visiting Professor PhD
8 Sandesh Dhakal Visiting Faculty M.A. (Clinical Psychology)
9 Praveen Pandey Visiting Faculty M.A. (Psychology)

  Department of English

S.N. Name Position Qualification
1 Ishab Raj Badu Senior Lecturer M. A., MPhil (English)
2 Sara Karki Lecturer M.A.(English)
3 Chudamani Dahal Lecturer M.A. (English)
4 Seema Chhetri Lecturer M.A. PhD (English)
5 Ganesh Khaniya Senior Lecturer M.A., MPhil (English)
6 Rijan Shakya Lecturer M.A. (English)
7 Prof. Dr. Anjana Bhattarai Visiting Professor PhD

Department of Journalism & Mass Communication

S.N. Name Position Qualification
1 Trishna Acharya Senior Lecturer M.A., M. Phil, PhD Scholar
2 Shrijana Shrestha Senior Lecturer M.A. M. Phil (JMC)
3 Rabi Raj Baral Lecturer M.A. M. Phil (JMC)
4 Rameshwar Sapkota Lecturer M.A. (JMC)
5 Bal Krishna Prasad Lecturer M.A. DJMC (JMC)
6 Prakash Bhandari Lecturer M.A. (JMC)
7 Alisha Aryal Lecturer M.A. (JMC)
8 Bijeesha Bhudathoki Lecturer M.A. (JMC)
9 Dr. Samikshya Koirala Visiting Faculty PhD
10 Dr. Debraj Aryal Visiting Faculty PhD

Department of Rural Development

S.N. Name Position Qualification
1 Rudra Prasad Bhattarai Lecturer M.A. PhD Scholar
2 Mr. Ramesh Rawat Lecturer M.A.MPA
3 Sanju Shrestha Teaching Assistant M.A (RD)
4 Assoc. Prof. Bishnu B. Khatri Visiting Faculty M.A., PhD
5 Prajwal Man Pradhan Visiting Faculty M.A. (RD)

Department of Gender Studies

S.N. Name Position Qualification
1 Bindu Mahat Lecturer M.A.(Gender Studies)
2 Sahara Basnet Teaching Assistant M.A. (Gender Studies)
3 Dr. Sucheta Pyakuryal Visiting Faculty PhD
4 Jamuna Siwakoti Upreti Visiting Faculty M.A.(Gender Studies)