Creating Digital and Global Citizens


DMC (Dibyabhumi Multiple College), member of United Nations Academic Impact, affiliated to Tribhuvan University, was established in 2014 with a view to provide quality education to all the needy students here in Nepal. This college is run by the innovative and creative talents who understand the pace of time and introduce the very recent and useful ideas to the students and help them learn in an effective and quick manner.

It promises to provide the students a very strong and reliable platform to explore and develop the potentials in the students. We bestow the opportunities to transform students into the professional individuals equipped with multidimensional abilities through strategic planning and actions. Dibyabhumi, as a college of Humanities, has a strong motto to develop the social, cultural and economic aspects of the nations. We are equipped with the physical, technical, academic and intellectual resources quite conductive to producing young student leaders who enable themselves so as to make themselves self dependent and then contribute to the positive development of the society they live in.

DMC is an outstanding centre of knowledge and academic excellence producing bright and brilliant graduates from all economic and social groups in ever growing disciplines that are on high demand from private and governmental sectors in Nepal and beyond.

The Words ‘Dibya’ means light and ‘Bhumi’ means place. So Dibyabhumi means a bright place where we cannot find any darkness. Our mission is to scatter the knowledge to every person and help make excellent and knowledgeable product.